graf * fi * ti : Rolling Art of Freight Trains: Limited Edition

graf * fi * ti : Rolling Art of Freight Trains: Limited Edition

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graf * fi * ti 

Rolling Art of Freight Trains 

Marcy Stoeven

 “I always equate graffiti with music, like the way Stevie Wonder wrote political songs.”—Graffiti artist John Matos 

Photographer Marcy Stoeven has nearly 8,000 photographs of railroads shot at the Union Pacific rail yard in Roseville, CA, here creating the only book to explore subjects of art, photography, and trains simultaneously.    Capturing freight cars that are 50 feet long and 16 feet high, the vanishing nature of boxcar art makes it difficult to memorialize and retain in any form. Freight train graffiti is unique:  It is artwork that is not for sale; graffiti artists are talents who have to work in limited time and space, and must be highly organized in terms of resources and materials. This unique presentation offers a gorgeous array of the creative cultural expression of artists using boxcars as canvas--a gallery that is the “people’s” art in the truest sense; an art form that enriches every viewer’s daily experience.

Limited Edition of 100 in 11 x 13 in cloth clamshell box with signed and numbered artist’s print| $250